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  • Add value to your bathroom renovation with an Avanti frameless glass shower screen

    frameless shower screen

    Karina May from - Australia's No.1 property site, believes that a well-planned, well-executed renovation can add up to 10% to the value of your home. She suggests installing a frameless glass shower screen, laying floor-to-ceiling tiles, but doesn't recommend replacing the bathtub with a shower only, or overdoing mosaic tiling. The average size of an Australian bathroom is 6 square meters and the average bathroom renovation cost is $9,000 - $12,000.

    Renovation is often all about giving your home a modern look, even though your house may have been built decades ago it doesn't mean it can't be brought up to date. Home buyers today crave modern design and sophistication in their bathroom suites and Avanti’s frameless shower screens are perfect choice to achieve this in your next renovation.



    Sophistication and a clever, modern design

    The Avanti Framless Shower Screen takes inspiration from cutting edge fashion, featuring a seamless look it will add an abundance of light and space to your bathroom. Light and space is great for a clean, modern look as it instantly opens up your bathroom making it seem bigger and more spacious. No one likes clutter, especially in the bathroom as it conjures up the thought of dirt and grime, not really what you want to associate with the bathroom! Bathrooms should be clean, spacious and modern, and with our frameless shower screens you can achieve that.

    Benefits beyond aesthetic appeal

    It isn't all about aesthetic appeal, our shower screens offer many more benefits. Bringing welcome news to those who do the domestic chores around the household, the shower doors of our designs are much easier to clean than traditional designs. As previously mentioned, these glass shower screens feature a seamless design which also ensures mould and grime aren't able to get into those hard-to-clean places.

    Made-to-measure designs

    A stand-out benefit of Avanti shower screens is opportunity to be custom designed to fit the dimensions of almost any bathroom. With our custom designs the possibilities are endless for your renovation. Don’t forget to ask about our custom cut mirrors too!

    Call the experts

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