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  • Security Doors - How safe are they?

    With break-in statistics in WA being the second-highest in the country, it pays to secure your home by investing in robust security screen doors. These will allow you to -

    • check on who is at the door before deciding whether to allow entry
    • or to leave the door itself open for fresh air but remain secure
    • and of course, protect your family.

    But, as Avanti will advise you, not all mesh or grille systems are actually designed to be security doors. For instance, either standard Flywire or One-Way Vision mesh are not. In order to upgrade these to be a security system, Avanti install ‘007’ security mesh on top. Or they offer bespoke security screen doors.

    Aluminium security door

    Genuine Security Doors

    A fine aluminium mesh will not resist a determined intruder, and if it is screwed onto the face of a wooden door frame with regular fixings it can be broken away. Avanti chooses to supply the Amplimesh product – a specialist security screen assembly made of the strongest materials. These screens clamp into the body of the frame, which should ideally be the maker’s own specially-manufactured metal frame, to ensure maximum protection.

    Amplimesh security doors are chosen and installed by Avanti because they have the highest standards on the market. Homeowners will also appreciate the absence of a midrail our Amplimesh doors: this is not necessary due to their extra-rigid design.

    Stainless Steel Mesh Security Door

    Avanti’s security doors include the SupaScreen, (shown here), woven from a fine mesh of 316SS high-tensile stainless steel that is very secure but allows you to see out clearly. (Cheaper competing products can often use the weaker 304SS standard). SupaScreen is cleverly designed with no screws, rivets or pin fixings, and no mismatched metal joins, to avoid corrosion. Guaranteed for 10 years, it can now even be fitted as part of a folding door of up to 8 panels/6.5 metres wide.

    All Amplimesh products meet the Australian Security Standard, (which involves tests for Impact, Jemmy Attacks and Pull Testing) and the Standard for resistance to Fire and Cyclones. SupaScreen has additionally been tested for and has passed the Australian Standard Knife Shear Test that simulates a physical attack.

    Another option offered to Perth area customers by Avanti is the AluGARD honeycomb-pattern mesh system. With 40% of its area open, it allows vision out and its 2mm aluminium will not rust.

    Why invest?

    Selecting a security door system is a long-term investment. You will be looking at it, and relying on it, for many years to come. Avanti will make sure that it looks good, it protects your home and family, and it will stand the test of time. Security is a serious issue.

    Contact UsThe Australian Institute of Criminology showed that installing secure doors and windows was an effective burglary reduction strategy. So talk to the experts and make sure you get it right – call Avanti on 1300 080 677 for free professional advice on securing your home.