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  • Make an Entrance with a glamorous front door from Avanti

    Glass front doorFrom the outside, the front entrance door of your house can be one of its most distinguishing features. As approved WA fabricators of Australia's renowned AWS Vantage suite of aluminium doors and windows, we know all about how to assist architects, designers and builders to create stunning first impressions.


    Why aluminium?

    Warped frames, cracked or peeling paint on your front door is not a great way to greet visitors. Thankfully at Avanti there are better options and we supply a full range of glass and aluminium doors with much superior performance to wood and plastic front doors.

    At a glance here is a comparison –

    What are the options?

    Hinged entry door

    Still the most popular type; your residential or commercial front door can be made to open in or out, and may be single or in pairs. The flexible aluminium systems provide a choice of sill profiles. A good household design choice is the Vantage 548 series: this is a French door style that also works very well as an entry door.

    Glass pivot doorPivot door

    An exciting, modern alternative. It opens in and out at the same time, and a concealed overhead closer allows you to set different open positions. Designers of many restaurants, shops and offices like the frameless versions (as seen here) that can be specified to a height of 3 metres.

    Sliding door

    This type (an example being the AWS 704 series) has not always been considered for entry door uses, but one very important benefit is the possibility of specifying a recessed sill, a great factor in supplying wheelchair and restricted mobility access.

    Hinged doorsCharacter Features

    Just because a glass door has a slim frame doesn’t mean that it will not harmonise with a more traditional building. Horizontal or vertical ‘colonial bars’ (shown here) will give it a suitably retro look. Alternatively, ‘mid rails’ are designer features that are selected for a cutting-edge look - they break up the door space in creative ways that become an essential part of the overall scheme.



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    The Choice is Clear

    So, if you are looking to new front door options, your first choice is to call Avanti Glass & Aluminium on 1300 080 677. Our friendly, experienced team will help you to make that all-important first impression – a great one.