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  • The Case for Double Glazed Windows

    Double Glazing Windows

    The introduction of the 6 Star Energy Rating in WA on all new homes has focused attention on the need to install double glazing. In most cases, this allows a home to meet the new more demanding standard, and save on energy bills.

    The 6 Star Building Code of Australia (BCA) rating requires a reduction of 20% in heating and cooling energy compared to the old minimum of 5 stars (0 stars is terrible: 10 means the house needs no artificial heating or cooling). As of May 2012 all new homes must comply and in most cases a switch from single to double glazed window specification will achieve compliance.

    “The good news is there is no need for consumers to limit the size and scope of glazed areas – we just need to use better windows” (Lachlan Austin, Sustainable Window Alliance)

    What are the benefits?

    Double-glazed windows have several advantages –

    • Noise reduction – as much as 80%
    • Added security – more difficult to smash
    • Heating and air conditioning savings (30%+)
    • UV light reduction of up to 100% (depending on glass specified)
    • Can be Argon-filled for added heat efficiency

    So double glazing existing windows makes economic sense as well as improving the ambience of your home or commercial premises.

    But if you are going to do the job, do it right – ensure that the benefits are maximized by specifying a thermal break window frame design, to minimise heat build-up. (Conventional window frames using aluminium are very effective conductors of heat, and that heat will then transfer to the room. A thermal break is a way of preventing that build-up and it makes the frames very energy-efficient.)

    Avanti Glass & Aluminium is Perth’s biggest fabricator of the advanced Australian AWS windows – including ThermalHEART (see video), which can of course be specified with double glazing. Its polyamide-break design is 32% more efficient than standard designs.



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    Reflecting the increased demand in recent years, all of Avanti’s residential and commercial aluminium frame designs offer a double glazed window option.

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