Why Perth households choose aluminum window frames over timber

wide span window frames

Aluminium windows dominate the commercial sector and are continuing to increase in popularity amongst the Perth residential housing market thanks to their sleek design and modern appearance.

Peeling Paint

Whilst Timber frames have been popular historically, their high ongoing maintenance relative to aluminium frames puts them at a significant disadvantage. Timber frames generally need a wash and wipe down with fine sandpaper before coating with substantial wood stain every 2 – 3 years. Painted timber frames can also be prone to peeling requiring additional sanding and repainting in future years. 



Perth’s unique cavity brick style of construction makes aluminium window frames an ideal choice and they feature the following benefits:

Wider Window Spans

Aluminum windows are strong and their superiority over timber frames can be seen in the 462 series that can support panels of 2.1 x 1.05m high and has an extra strong sash that allows large windows to be fabricated for high wind areas. It is a commercial grade frame and is capable of supporting thick, heavy glazing options.

Ample Choice of Colour

When it comes to colour, there are almost infinite choices because frames can be powder coated or anodized with thousands of colour variations. Avanti’s comprehensive colour list of Aluminium Window Frame Colours can be found includes the Vivica Pearlescet Range, Sable Collection and Trend Collection.

Water Leak Prevention

Our subsills stop water leaking into the house and are ideal for coastal locations like Perth. They drain water from your window and channel it outside and they are particularly effective in high-rise apartments.

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