September 2013

Why Perth households choose aluminum window frames over timber

wide span window frames

Aluminium windows dominate the commercial sector and are continuing to increase in popularity amongst the Perth residential housing market thanks to their sleek design and modern appearance.

Peeling Paint

Whilst Timber frames have been popular historically, their high ongoing maintenance relative to aluminium frames puts them at a significant disadvantage. Timber frames generally need a wash and wipe down with fine sandpaper before coating with substantial wood stain every 2 – 3 years. Painted timber frames can also be prone to peeling requiring additional sanding and repainting in future years. 



Make an Entrance with a glamorous front door from Avanti

Glass front doorFrom the outside, the front entrance door of your house can be one of its most distinguishing features. As approved WA fabricators of Australia's renowned AWS Vantage suite of aluminium doors and windows, we know all about how to assist architects, designers and builders to create stunning first impressions.

Add value to your bathroom renovation with an Avanti frameless glass shower screen

frameless shower screen

Karina May from - Australia's No.1 property site, believes that a well-planned, well-executed renovation can add up to 10% to the value of your home. She suggests installing a frameless glass shower screen, laying floor-to-ceiling tiles, but doesn't recommend replacing the bathtub with a shower only, or overdoing mosaic tiling. The average size of an Australian bathroom is 6 square meters and the average bathroom renovation cost is $9,000 - $12,000.

Renovation is often all about giving your home a modern look, even though your house may have been built decades ago it doesn't mean it can't be brought up to date. Home buyers today crave modern design and sophistication in their bathroom suites and Avanti’s frameless shower screens are perfect choice to achieve this in your next renovation.